Veterans Memorials:

Dozens of towns and veterans groups have chosen us to help them honor their veterans.  We can create a beautiful and unique granite memorial that will pay tribute for years to come.  No budget is too large or too small.  We work closely with veterans groups to tailor each project to their specific needs.

Many of the designs shown here were created by our company.  As the process begins we can present several original designs within the budget to aid in the decision making.  If a specific design has already been chosen, we draw on our years of experience to make cost saving suggestions.

The Hallowell Veterans Memorial was chosen from one of our original designs.  Each end piece tapers from 10" thick to 4" thick to encourage viewers to look at the back of the memorial.

The Town of Abbot's Veterans Memorial was set in 2011. The design was chosen from three original designs we presented to the committee. The eagle and cannons were shape-carved by Rock LaCroix to give them depth and dimension.

Coming in 2019:

This original design was chosen by the Town of Windsor. The beautiful memorial will be constructed of three different colors of granite to create a red, white, and blue appearance.

Certificate of Appreciation
To Rock & Bernadette LaCroix of Provost Monuments, Benton, Maine, for their skills, professionalism,

and most of all, their full support over a three-year span in designing and building the

official State of Maine Korean War Memorial.


All the Gray Granite used in these Memorials was quarried in Barre, Vermont. Barre Granite is considered by experts to be one of the highest quality gray granites available anywhere. Therefore, we believe in buying "American" whenever possible, we think the veterans would feel the same way.



The Camden Veterans Memorial, as shown above, was chosen from a design contest.  The memorial consisted of 26 pieces set on a curve. It measures 35 ft. long and 7 ft. tall and weights of over 30 tons.  All 1200 names were engraved in our shop in Benton.

Rock & Bernadette LaCroix

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