A finely crafted granite sign is a symbol of strength and longevity.  Over the past twenty years Provost Monuments has created many granite signs that still look as good today as the day we installed them.  With very little maintenance a granite sign will look beautiful, ageless and it will last indefinitely.  Let your customers know you plan to be around for a long time.  Choose granite signage.

A beautiful granite bench can make a lovely family memorial when set in the center of the lot.  It can also be used as a wonderful place to sit and reminisce.

Markers can be either flat (set flush) or beveled (6” to 8” high).  They are engraved with an individuals name and dates and set at the foot of their grave.   

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Slant monuments can be set two ways, with or without a granite base.  Either way it is set on a concrete foundation.  A slant monument can be used as a family stone or as a memorial for one person when the family wants something larger than a marker.

Many of our customers are now looking for a memorial that cremains can be interned into. These are only a few of the cremation monuments that we offer.  Like our upright monuments, cremation monuments are also set on a concrete foundation.



Some customers prefer a natural rock for their family memorial, or a boulder can be used as a natural way to commemorate a special place.  Smaller ones make great wedding and anniversary gifts.  The options are endless and no two are ever alike.

Dozens of towns and veterans groups have chosen us to help them honor their veterans.  We can create a beautiful and unique granite memorial that will pay tribute for years to come.  No budget is too large or too small.  We work closely with veterans groups to tailor each project to their specific needs.

A monument is an upright two-piece memorial that is often used as a center stone for a family lot.  It can also make a beautiful and fitting memorial for a loved one.  Our monuments are always set on a concrete foundation to insure it will stay straight and level.

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