Click on the images below to enlarge and see the beauty that shape carving can add to a memorial.

After the etching is finished it can be colored.  Because the color is paint, the coloring can fade over time.  We’ve been producing colored etchings for 25 years and many of them still look very nice.  They can be recolored right in the cemetery.

A flat carved sandblast design is included in the price of all our upright memorials. We have thousands of designs to choose from. Designs can be customized for an additional fee.

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Rock & Bernadette LaCroix

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Etchings:Etching is a process of using an engraving tool to scratch a permanent image into the surface of black granite.  The artwork can be black and white or colored. Etching enables us to achieve finer detail than with traditional sandblast carving. 



Sandblast Carvings

This type of design can be applied either flat or with shape. Shape carvings is a process of sculpturing with sandblast.  To the right are both flat and shaped roses.

Our hand etchings are done in house by our own artist.  Because this work is completed in our shop, you can see the quality of our work in our display.  Because etchings are all done by hand, the talent of the artist determines the beauty of the etching.

Etching do have to be engraved on black granite.  We use several different black granites depending on the taste of our client.  A black and white etching will last forever.


Personalized designs can be added to your memorial by either sandblast carvings or etching. Below are examples of the different types of designs that we offer.